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Hydrocolloid Dressings - Hydrocolloid dressings are self-adhesive, rubber-based products used for low to moderately exuding wounds.

Foam Dressings - Generally, foam dressings are made of polyurethane.  They are used for moderate to high wound exudates.

Film Dressings
- Transparent film dressings are polyurethane thin-film, semi-permeable membranes, thus allowing water vapor and oxygen to pass through them and enabling fast healing.

Alginate Dressings - Alginates are non-woven wound dressings that form hydrophilic gels with the wound exudate.  Alginates can also be used for bleeding wounds given their hemostatic properties.

Hydrogel Dressings - Hydrogels are used for cleansing and debriding necrotic tissues in wounds.

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